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Improve Your Leadership by Giving Staff Opportunities April 26, 2010

Posted by dennissommer in Leadership.
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Is leadership and staff performance improvement a goal of yours this year? Giving your staff more opportunities to grow within your company is one proven leadership skill you should focus on to create highly productive employees.

Being a business owner, executive or manager in today’s business climate is not easy. You can’t do it yourself, so the best way to exceed your business goals is to have a team of highly productive employees working for you.

How can staff opportunity help?

An ingredient of a highly productive team is developing an environment where team members can grow. Team members need to learn new skills and be permitted to develop and implement new ideas to work at their peak. Creating an environment where team members can experience different roles, cross train, work with diverse teams and learn new specialties will develop team members who are more self assured, who listen, and are more open to new ideas. This strategy of continuous learning will keep the team energized and motivated to perform at the highest levels.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Dennis Sommer
CEO, Executive Business Advisers

My specialty is helping companies improve their business growth, sales and marketing performance.

Business improvement specialties include: business startup  , business growth , sales , marketing , business coaching , strategic planning and customer retention

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1. Mostafa Elshaarawy - April 26, 2010

In my opinion, it all depends on the nature of your business, the market one is doing business in, the availablity of these growth opportunities, and most importantly the nature of the people “employees” working within.

There is no universal answer, in essence one size cannot fit all.

2. Matthew Wolf - April 26, 2010


I completely agree with your assessment. I believe that all employees should be encouraged to be decision makers, however with every decision there is responsibility. In order to get the most out of your team, people need to feel confident in themselves, their ability to meet and exceed expectations as well as have confidence in their co-workers. I believe there is an overall lack of understanding for the fundamentals of business, which I believe is why many employees would rather not be decision makers because they do not want to bare the responsibility for any mistakes.

Most companies train their employees to handle exact tasks that are geared specifically for a particular department within that particular company, which makes sense up to a point. This deals with the “small picture”.

I firmly believe if more employees, from the executive level down to the new hire, had a better understanding of the overall fundamentals of business finance they could take that knowledge and apply it to their day to day operations and gain more clarity and understanding of their company and their role. They would begin to understand, from a fundamental viewpoint, of how their company actually makes money, and what factors hinder or help that. Understanding the “drivers” of their business brings clarity and an understanding that provides them the perspective to look at their day to day activities and evaluate how efficient and effective they are at helping raise the bottom line. They can finally see and understand how they, themselves affect the overall well being of the company. That is incredibly powerful, as it brings not only a sense of accomplishment and pride to them, but also establishes accountability in that they directly know the consequences of their actions.

It has been proven time and time again that knowledge and understanding improves confidence. A more confident workforce is a more productive workforce, but again I truly believe companies need to look at improving the overall financial understanding of their employees because after all companies are in business to make money! If each employee can link their decisions to finance and ask themselves; how is this going to help/hurt our profits, does this make sense to do, what is my return on this, where is the money going to come from if I do this….imagine how lean a company would run?

Ultimately an engaged workforce is ideal for a company, however I truly believe employees can not be 100% engaged if they do not understand the financial consequences their decisions.

I am also a firm believer in having employees from all departments experience the same educational experience as it is amazing to see how a sales rep’s mind differs from an operational managers mind, and how sourcing differs from marketing. I believe companies maximize their ROI when every department is present/represented for a training seminar because it gives perspective. People begin to understand how other departments look at problems/opportunities and thus they can begin to better understand the big picture. “Every sale isn’t a good sale”, is a difficult message for a sale person or department to understand, so let them see how a low margin sale effects the overall well being of a company, or how that deal impacts operations, collections, inventory managers, etc.

Thank you for you well thought out post. I am a bit passionate about this subject as my response might suggest, but my company, Bonanza Education USA, specifically addresses some of the thoughts you suggest.

Thank you Dennis, I would appreciate any and all comments/feedback you have. Have a fantastic day.
Matt Wolf
COO Bonanza Education USA

3. Cheryl Lyons - April 26, 2010

Over the years as a manager, administrator and supervisor, I have encountered three periods of exceptional work environment involving bottom up and top down management that produced incredible outcomes. Why? Because employees have knowledge of their own work and the work around them. When given the chance to be heard as a team, regardless of the business, they become a part of the business – increased attendance, providing suggestions and new processes, working together, marketing and a truth in branding because they are a part of that truth of the product. From their interactions, processes are streamlined and productive, energy increases, corporate culture is positive and proactive….and these people move up the ladder because not only do they contribute, but they take upon themselves the opportunity to learn and grow. No amount of money can buy this self-actualization in the workplace. Your employees are your very best marketing tool because when they sell your product, they believe in what they are selling.

4. Michael Norton - April 28, 2010


I do not agree that companies are in business to make money. This is similar to saying humans live to eat.

We make money to stay in business. We are in business to provide a service.

Goldman Sachs represents what happens when the bottom line becomes the most important thing.

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