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Are You a Visible or Invisible Leader April 30, 2012

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Could your employee and business issues, slow profit and sales revenue growth be due to the fact you are, or have an invisible business owner, CEO and leadership team?

Based on a recent survey of nearly 8,000 employees by CareerBuilder, it was found that a surprising number of employees today say they could not name or identify their CEO or the executive leadership team. The survey also found that a large percentage of employees did not know how their company performs financially.

The survey found:

— 40% of employees say they’ve never met their CEO.

— 21% of employees don’t know what their CEO looks like.

— Only 35% of employees can name all the C-level officers at their organizations.

— 68% of employees don’t know how much income their company generates annually.

Could an invisible CEO and leadership team be part of the reason why so many companies are struggling today? From my experience developing and working with successful business owners, CEOs and executive leadership teams, I would say “yes”.

Most successful companies have CEOs and executive leadership teams who are visible and have a public presence. This gives employees a positive impression of their leadership team and a feeling that they are part of a successful organization. This leadership visibility and access increases employee morale, productivity, creativity and leaves positive impressions with customers.

The CEO and leadership team must be the face of the organization both internally and externally. Every one of them needs to be visible and accessible to internal employees, stakeholders, customers and the outside public to allow them to connect and build positive perceptions and relationships.

Visible CEOs and leadership teams inspire and motivate employees, stakeholders and customers -ultimately leading to higher profitability and sales revenue growth.

Are you an invisible leader or are you a leader that is visible, promoting the vision, mission and values of a successful organization?

Until next time  . . .

Think Big and Take Action !

Dennis Sommer

Dennis Sommer is the CEO of Executive Business Advisers . Dennis is a highly sought after business growth expert with over 25 years experience.  His specialty is helping companies improve their business performance and sales revenue growth in 30 days.

If improving business performance and sales revenue growth is a priority of yours this year, contact us today to see how Executive Business Advisers can help.  Call 330-676-1876 or email us at sales@ebaac.com

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