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4 Strategies to Increase Sales Revenue Growth and Become Your Customers First Call April 16, 2012

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Is it possible to implement strategies to increase sales revenue growth with very little marketing?  Customers calling you 24 hours a day nonstop, more business than you can handle and no need for a large marketing budget?

The answer is, yes, it is possible.  This only happens when you become what I call, the” Customers First Call”, a person or business that customers think of first when they have a need or serious problem that must be fixed.

Are you that person or business in your industry?

How different would your business be if your name comes to mind first when your customer needs help? When you think about it, becoming the “Customers First Call” should be your highest business priority.

Let’s take a look at four (4) strategies you should take to become the “Customers First Call” in your industry.

1.  Deliver superior customer service before they are a customer.

Good companies provide quality customer service.  Once you become their customer, they will handle your issues quickly and professionally.  The difference between a good company and a company who is the “Customers First Call”, is the latter provides superior customer service, focusing on customer service even before a customer becomes a customer.

By going above and beyond everyone else and focusing on superior customer service from the first initial phone call or customer meeting, you can eliminate customer complaints instead of reacting to them once they occur.

2.  Deliver superior communication skills.

Take a moment and think about companies that you would consider a “Customers First Call”.  Do they rattle off statistics and technical jargon that could only be understood by a NASA scientist?  Do they go on forever lecturing and you never have a chance to talk? Most likely your answer is, “No.”

A company that is the “Customers First Call” has the ability to sit down and listen to customers.  Then, they can translate a very complex issue and solution into terms that a six-year old can understand. Their communication is simple and precise.

They deliver superior written, verbal and listening skills. When dealing with customers they are considered master communicators.

3.  Develop tremendous knowledge about themselves, the competition and customer.

Would you hire a professional or purchase a solution from someone who didn’t take the time to learn about your company or your industry?  How about someone who doesn’t know everything about their own products or their competitors?  Would you have confidence in their solution?  Probably not.

So what impression do you leave with your customers?  A company that is the “Customers First Call” not only becomes the expert in their own solutions, they also become an expert on their competitors, the customer, and the customers industry.

4.  Develop strong customer relationships.

A big portion of my work with clients is to increase sales revenue growth and improve business growth by improving their relationship with their customers. In this fast-paced world, many professionals and organizations are so focused on short-term goals; they have forgotten one of the most important success factors.

People buy relationships not products. It’s hard to focus on the customer when you are dealing with monthly quota goals, internal politics, investors, organizational changes and the overflow of email and voice-mail requests requiring immediate responses.

Unfortunately, if you ignore your current customer or new potential customer, they won’t be a customer for long.  Connecting with customers on a personal and professional level consistently, will build a strong customer relationship turning them into lifetime loyal customers.

Are you ready to implement strategies to increase sales revenue growth and become the “Customers First Call” in your industry?

Until next time  . . .

Think Big and Take Action !

Dennis Sommer

Dennis Sommer is the CEO of Executive Business Advisers . Dennis is a highly sought after business growth expert with over 25 years experience.  His specialty is helping companies improve their business performance and sales revenue growth in 30 days.

If improving business performance and sales revenue growth is a priority of yours this year, contact us today to see how Executive Business Advisers can help.  Call 330-676-1876 or email us at sales@ebaac.com

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Develop Loyal Customers to Improve Business Growth July 22, 2010

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Developing loyal customers is a simple and proven tactic used by top performers to improve business growth in today’s challenging economy.  Improving business growth is not easy.  This simple strategy can help you achieve your goals.

Do you pat yourself on the back because you have so many satisfied customers? Well, having satisfied customers may not be good enough. In today’s tough economic times true success will be measured by the number of “loyal” customers you have.

Sure, every company, salesman, and consultant wants satisfied customers, but can or should you do better than that? Should you have loyal customers?

What’s the difference? Satisfied customers are still willing to listen to your competitors, but loyal customers think you are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

You develop loyal customers by continually asking your satisfied customers if there’s anything else you can do for them. And once you have a loyal customer, make them part of your team by asking them to refer you to their friends and colleagues.

How To Dazzle Your Customer Base

1. Go out of your way for loyal customers. Do them a favor. Locate a hard to find item or, if your staff is tied up, do the work yourself.

2. Under promise and over deliver. Do they need it in two weeks? Give it to them in one.

3. Offer your best customers a benefit they didn’t even know existed. Did they miss a special offer? Give them a discount anyway.

4. Follow up, especially after a big order or a major project. Are they satisfied, or is there something else you can do for them?

5. Above all, be honest. Don’t oversell goods or services. Show them you have their best interests at heart, and you’ll have a customer for life.

Keeping Loyal Customers

Consider this, it costs six times more to sell something to a new customer than to an existing one. Follow these steps to keep your loyal customer base.

1. Within two days of making a sale, send your customers a thank you note.

2. Thirty days later, send another note or call to find out if the customer has any questions.

3. Within 90 days, send buyers another note telling them about related products or services.

4. After nine months, ask for the names of three people you can add to your mailing list.

5. On the one year anniversary of the sale, send a card, perhaps with a discount included.

Never stop courting your loyal customers. Loyal customers should make up 50 to 75% of your customer base.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Dennis Sommer
CEO, Executive Business Advisers

My specialty is helping companies improve their business growth, sales and marketing performance.

Business improvement specialties include: business startup  , business growth , sales , marketing , business coaching , strategic planning and customer retention

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